Getting Around the City

Lola Ya Bonobo
Lola ya bonobo is a sanctuary created by Claudine André for the purpose of collecting and rescuing bonobo babies who are victims of poaching and eventually to reintroduce them to a nature reserve. It is located in the commune of Mont-Ngafula, south of Kinshasa, in the Lukaya Valley, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Basilique St. Anne
The Basilica of St. Anne of the Congo is the monument of Brazzaville (capital of the Republic of Congo ) which has the greatest architectural interest.
Reserve de Lesio Louna
At Reserve de Lesio Louna, what you will find are different kinds of wild chimpanzees and gorillas! Surely every travellers will be stunned having an opportunity to see primates!
Palais Du Peuple
Palais Du Peuple is the seat of the National Assembly and the Senate in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The building is a structure built between 1975 and 1979 by China and the Congo. Don’t miss seeing the site!
National Museum of Congo
The National Museum of Congo was founded in the year 1965. The site features such amazing historical artifacts from different regions of the country like statues, money, knives, and many more!
Kinshasa City Center
Kinshasa, known until 1966 as Leopoldville, is the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the country! According to article 2 of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo of 2006, it also has the administrative status of city and province. Go wander the city and find amazing things


Mikhael's Hotel
Address: 67, Avenue Nelson Mandela, Brazzaville 14507, Republic of the Congo
Phone: +242 05 366 6660
GHS Hotel
Address: Boulevard Denis Sassou Nguesso | Brazzaville, Downtown, LA Coupole, Brazzaville 00001, Republic of the Congo
Phone: +242 06 512 1212
Hotel Residence Marina
Address: Rue Charles Faucault, Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
Hotel Olympic Palace
Address: Avenue de l'Amitie, Brazzaville BP 1050, Republic of the Congo
Phone: +242 05 730 1616
Hotel Residence Saint Jacques
Address: 381 Rue du Ruisseau | Middle Town, Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
Phone: +242 06 972 7082