About the Airport

Located in the capital of the Republic of Congo, Maya-Maya Airport is an international airport that can be found in Brazavile. It is the main airport located in the country, which recently underwent a magnification that added a new terminal and a new lane.
The terrain around the Maya-Maya Airport is flat to the south, but the north is hilly. The highest point in the vicinity is 463 meters above sea level, 3.6 km west of the Maya-Maya Airport. It is populated with 9,300 people per square kilometer.
Around the Maya-Maya Airport is mainly urban. Savannah climate is prevailing almost the whole neighborhood. The average annual temperature in the neighborhood is 21 °C, and the hottest month is April, when the average temperature reaches 23°C, and the coldest is July, with 20°C. The average annual rainfall is 1623 millimeters and the rainiest month is November, with an average of 320 mm of precipitation, while the driest is June, with 1 mm of rainfall.

Cost of Living in Brazzaville

6.10 €
3.88 €
3.51 €
0.58 €
0.72 €
7.61 €